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The Benelli® Cordoba Semi-Auto Shotgun is built for high volume shooting sports, such as dove hunting or sporting clays. The Cordoba comes with a ported barrel to reduce recoil and shooting fatigue after long hours of pounding shells, enabling shooters to stay on top of their game for longer periods of time. A see-through Window System™ on the underside of the fore-end allows user to see how many rounds are left in the magazine at a glance. The Cordoba operates with Benelli's Inertia Driven™ System that has proven itself in the field to be ultra-reliable, cycling both 2-3/4" field loads and 3" magnums interchangeably without adjustments. The recoil operated Inertia-Driven System is the epitome of simplicity, with just 3 main parts: the bolt body, an inertia spring, and a rotating bolt head.

Benelli Cordoba

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