The Super Black Eagle II is unmatched with its innovative technological features. The only thing that hasn't changed from it's predecessors is the time proven inertia-recoil system that has been proven to digest different ammunition types flawlessly. The ComforTech system reduces recoil up to 48% over competitive brands without adding any moving parts or weight. Muzzle climb is reduced by 15% for faster follow up shots and allows you to stay on target. The trigger guard offers 30% more space for a sure trigger feel no matter how heavy your gloves. The unique dimpled AirTouch grip surface is moulded right into the stock and the newly designed for end offers a secure grip under the toughest conditions. The Crio system freezes the barrel down to -300 F which produces a smoother bore that stays cleaner and offers less resistance to the wad and shot. The Crio Chokes are also cryogenically treated to produce up to 13% better pattern performance.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II 28"

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