Named after Renaissance inventor Leonardo da Vinci, this shotgun is an engineering masterpiece. Benelli touts the 3" chambered 12-gauge Vinci as the fastest-shooting, lightest-recoiling and most-reliable shotgun on the market. The Benelli Vinci is the perfect semi-automatic shotgun for a wide range of hunting uses, and for all hunters who want to blend in with the background while enjoying the very latest technology. The Vinci is the first and only semi-automatic shotgun that can be stripped down without the use of tools. Its three main parts - stock, barrel and receiver - can be detached in just a few seconds. It is also the first and only semi-automatic shotgun that allows you to eject cartridges from the magazine simply by pressing a button on the outside - a truly practical safety feature. The In-Line Inertia Driven® operating system is the simplest, fastest semi-automatic system devised to date.

Benelli Vinci Camo Max 4

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