Beretta® designed their 690 Competition Over/Under Shotgun with a low profile receiver to provide the fast swing and enhanced point-ability needed for upland hunting. At the heart of the 690's quick and instinctive shooting are opposing trunnions mounted on the receiver walls where the barrels pivot, thus eliminating the need for bulky underhooks to form a hinge. As a result of this more compact arrangement, the low-profile line of sight enables the shooter to point the gun instinctively; the recoil is directed rearward to the shooter's shoulder where it is less disruptive to firing a second shot, instead of snapping the stock up at the shooter's cheek. The locking lugs are curved on the 690, with a larger contact area for extra strength, compared to the 686, and the hinge pin is larger for longer wear. The extractors are retained in dovetails within the monoblock receiver, making them incredibly strong.

Beretta 690 Competition Trap

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