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With the 686 White Onyx Sporting over-under shotgun, ambitious clay shooters wanting to finally trade up to a Beretta no longer have to dream. Available in 12 gauge, this shotgun will fit any shooter's budget while offering the features and benefits that have made the 680 line a legend among shotgun aficionados the world over.The strong, low-profile action is at the heart of this shotgun, while the proportions, balance and handling make it second to none in its ability to do its job--let the shot always follow your eyes in a consistent manner.The 686 White Onyx Sporting is built around an action that has become an unrivaled benchmark for over-unders. It features a dual locking-lug system that ensures both strength and sleekness: the dual lugs in the middle of the action dispense with the need of a cross-bolt on top, thus enabling the receiver to be thin and low-profile.

Beretta S686 White Onyx

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