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When you see one for the first time, you’ll notice that the cylinder latch is not in the usual place.  The Dan Wesson latches are in front of the cylinders on the crane. The idea behind putting the latch on the crane is that it makes a stronger lock-up, and it does.
But, if you are used to shooting just about any other double action revolver it takes a little getting used to. While you may operate the latch on a Smith, Ruger, or Colt with your right hand, the DW latch is more easily reached with the left.
The other, and biggest difference of the Dan Wesson designs is the ability to swap barrels with ease. It is a very simple process to change out the barrels. The barrel screws into the frame with a shim behind it to set the cylinder gap. Once the barrel is attached, the shroud goes over it and a nut is used to hold everything together. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

Dan Wesson Model 15

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