Built just like the original! This Weatherby PA-08 Upland Youth Pump Action Shotgun offers a smaller fit and is perfect for smaller women or as your child's first shotgun. It's put through rigorous testing and endurance trials to provide years of dependable use in every conceivable condition. Its dual bar action is simple, smooth, overbuilt and has passed through more than 6,000 rounds of testing to assure flawless performance in the field.
It also features a ventilated top rib and brass bead front sight to promote a smooth swing-through and provide you with an excellent sight line for acquiring fast-moving birds. From doves in the deep south... to pheasants in the Midwest, the PA-08 Upland Youth passes every "high volume shooting" test with flying colors. And you'll see that difference every time you pull the trigger. Includes 3 choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified, full)

Weatherby PA-08 Y Wood

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