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The SXP Field Micro has all of the same great components of a full-size SXP Field, but with a shorter length of pull (12") that allows smaller shooters to pull the weight of the gun closer to their body for improved control. Shorter barrel options are available to reduce both carry and swing weight. When combined, these great features make it easier to keep the gun in position, swing more fluidly and allow the user to focus on building shooting fundamentals.

SXP Field Micro Features

  • Aluminum alloy receiver with a Matte black finish
  • Hard chrome plated chamber and bore
  • Matte black finish barrel
  • 12 gauge, 3" chamber
  • 20 gauge, 3" chamber
  • Pump-action
  • Grade I walnut stock with a Satin finish
  • 12" length of pull
  • Three Invector-Plus choke tubes (F,M,IC)
  • Brass bead front sight


Winchester SXP Micro (youth)

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