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Marksman Guns was started by Martin, Joe and Ted Feller in July of 1984. It has been a family owned and operated shop for over 34 years. Helping keep the business running is long time employee Mike Day who is still proudly with us today. We have gained experience with the help of Glen Payne, Dave Fisher,Wayne and Elfriede Heighington and many others who help and pitch in when needed. In 1998 Ted offered his daughter, Michelle, a part-time cleaning job that has become full-time with a lot more than cleaning duties. New to our staff is Craig Kennedy. Craig is new to hunting and fishing but very excited and eager to learn. Being a small local shop we have lots of expertise and definitely more than enough "hands on" knowledge.  We are located on 13st North in Lethbridge, same original location but back 15 years ago we expanded to the north. As of November of 2010, we have expanded even larger to the north increasing our inventory and gun racks. We have a large selection of "the best of the best" and what you need to get out there and enjoy your time doing what you love. Cheers!

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