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PAL Courses

1) We offer the Firearm Safety Classes. Challenges are no longer available for first time applicants,

     classroom attendance is required.

2) Our courses are offered once a month but pre-registration and payment is required.

Registration and payments are done by calling or stopping by the shop.

 ***Please do not email regarding PAL classes

3) Price for non restricted Firearms course is $150.00


4) Price for restricted Firearms Course is $125.00. (A non-restricted course is a pre-requisite to this


5) The classes fill up very quickly, it is recommended to sign up 5-6 weeks in advance.

6) Without pre-registration and pre-payment you will not be allowed to attend the class.

7) The classes start at 9:00 am sharp and last all day.

8) Classes are offered as follows:

            Saturdays: Non-Restricted Firearms Course Day

            Sundays: Restricted Firearms Course Day (held quarterly only)

            *You must hold a non restricted license if you plan on acquiring your Restricted Firearms 



           Please note: There will be no refunds or date changes from your course date.

                                 "The Show Must Go On."

    ******* If you have a valid PAL but need help renewing it, we can help you with that as well. Please call Michelle at 403-327-7595 to book an appointment.

Next Classes:

August 17

 August 18 (Restricted)

September 21

October 19


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