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You’re a sportsman with a distinctive sense of style. You wouldn’t choose a shotgun based on what the rest of the crowd shoots. You take your own path, and you demand the ultimate in performance, as well as lines and materials that stand out from the crowd. For you, there is the Benelli Legacy. Like other Benellis, it uses the fast-firing, utterly reliable inertia system. To this it adds an eye-catching two-piece receiver, blue above, nickel-plated and attractively-contoured below. Handsomely-figured select walnut is satin-finished to contrast with the glossy surfaces of action and barrel, and a gold-accented trigger strikes a luxurious note. A stock drop shim kit is supplied and can be installed between receiver and buttstock, regulating drop to your own dimensions, making the Legacy truly yours alone.

Benelli Legacy

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