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As adept on the tundra hunting caribou as it is coyotes on the plains, the BLR has what it takes. These excellent rifles tore up the blueprints for the traditional lever-action rifle and redefined the category. Combining modern lever-action performance with a time-honored silhouette, the BLR Lightweight ’81 is ready and waiting to be your next hunting rifle. Unlike most lever-actions, the BLR benefits mightily from a detachable box magazine that allows the use of ammunition – including magnum calibers – with pointed bullets. A four-position folding hammer acts as an additional margin of safety.

The gloss finish on the walnut straight grip stock and straight forearm contrasts beautifully with the deeply polished blue finish on the receiver and the barrel. This is what a serious lever-action rifle should be, and what every other lever-action wishes it was.

NOTE: Unless specifically listed as included with a firearm, accessories shown such as scopes, optical sights, rings, ring mounts, optic rails, bipod rails, ammunition, etc. are NOT included. Accessories are available at authorized Browning dealers and here on

BLR Lightweight 81 Features

  • Polished blued receiver finish
  • Polished blued barrel
  • Straight grip walnut stock with gloss finish and cut checkering
  • Adjustable rear sights

BLR Features

  • Rack and Pinon Lever Action
  • Detachable Box Magazine
  • Aluminum Alloy Receiver
  • Integrated Lever and Trigger
  • The Folding Hammer has four positions: Full-cock, half-cock, the folded hammer position, and the dropped, or fired position.

Browning BLR 270

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