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The long and the short of it. The SX4 Compact is very long on features. You get all the new SX4 functional and ergonomic advantages . . . all in a slightly more compact version that is ideal for shorter, smaller and lighter shooters. The inch and a quarter off the stock allows a more natural mounting of the pad to the shoulder. This helps bring the hands (and balance) slightly rearward making it easier to point and hold to your shoulder until you get the shot off. The features do not end there. The TruGlo fiber optic sight is a huge aid for acquiring fast targets and ensuring you stay in perfect alignment, as it "keeps your head down." The recoil pad utilizes Inflex Technology which takes the punch out of the recoil by pulling the comb down, away from your face when you shoot. This special design helps absorb the recoil headed to your shoulder. All in all we think the SX4 Compact is the ideal auto loading shotgun for smaller framed shooters.


Winchester SX4 Camo

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